Wellbeing Coaching

You will gain a range of tools and techniques to break out of self-imposed limitations into new possibilities, purpose and better wellbeing.

As part of wellbeing, I offer Open Water Swimming coaching and a 6 week Wellbeing Course                                                            

Swimming (Open water)

You will experience the joy and calm of swimming in the sea safely which can improve positive emotion, sleep, skin quality and stress reduction. Beginners, Intermediate and Experienced swimmers welcome.  


Equipment: All provided, except wetsuits which can be hired. Venue: Operate from Gylly Beach in Falmouth, Cornwall. Ages: From 6 yrs. upwards.   CONTACT: NICK BANFIELD ON 07811912245 OR write an email to

Website:  Instagram: nbwellbeingcoaching

Thanks, Nick  Banfield (CPsychol)                

Published by NB Wellbeing Coaching

I work as a Wellbeing Coach, qualified Chartered Psychologist, and am based in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. I also take people into the sea, to boost their confidence and improve wellbeing.

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